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Are you wondering if your tablet or computer is covered under your insurance policy?  You may not be aware of what is available for iPad or other tablet insurance. If you have a laptop or other computer, you may have invested a significant amount in the device and want to ensure you have the right insurance coverage. Your insurance agent can help you make sure you have enough coverage for your tablet or laptop in your home, renter or condo insurance policy. 

Here are some things to consider:

1. What would you like your tablet or computer protected from? 
For personal property, most basic policies have a limited number of specific perils that are covered; for example, fire and theft.  “Open peril” coverage, on the other hand, covers all causes of loss except those specifically excluded in the policy.  Open peril coverage can be purchased for all of your personal property, or specifically for computers.

2. Is your tablet or computer used for work or business? 
If the answer is yes, coverage under a basic policy is limited and you may want to purchase more.  There are many different options available to discuss with your agent.

3. How much coverage do you need? 
What would it cost to replace your tablet or computer?  Do you own more than one device?  Is the value of your device less than your policy deductible?  Talk to your State Auto agent to find out how much coverage you already have.  If your basic home, renter or condo policy limit isn’t enough, more coverage can be added.  For example, State Auto’s blanket personal property coverage can protect your tablet or computer for up to $10,000 and isn’t subject to a deductible.
Talk to your agent about your specific needs to make sure your insurance policy covers what you need.

More information available at TrustedChoice.com: http://www.trustedchoice.com/Content/Articles/Computer-Insurance.aspx

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