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September is National Preparedness Month


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Is your family ready in the event a disaster hits your home?  Do you have a family emergency plan?

September is National Preparedness Month.  This is an annual campaign led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and is sponsored by the Ready Campaign in partnership with the Citizen Corps.  While September is the month for recognizing national preparedness, the goal is to engage the public to make preparedness a part of their daily lives every day and not one single month.

National Preparedness Month

Be Informed
Know the emergency hazards and their responses for most disaster events and don’t forget to check with your local government to see what they are doing to be prepared!  Visit FEMA’s website to help you get started to know what to do before, during and after events at: http://www.ready.gov/be-informed

Communications Plan
Would you know what to do if your family isn’t together when disaster strikes? How will you contact family members if your cell phone isn’t working?  Make a communications plan for all members of your family and make sure every member of your family has this with them at all times.  Visit FEMA’s website to learn about Family Communications at http://www.ready.gov/family-communications

Build a Kit
Does your family have a basic disaster supplies kit?  Is it near your front door (in case you need to evacuate) where you can quickly grab it?   See what your basic disaster supply kit should include:  http://www.ready.gov/build-a-kit.  Don’t forget to check out the tab for additional emergency supplies, first aid kit and supplies for unique needs, such as for cold climates and babies.

State Auto recommends adding a Roof Damage Preparedness Kit to your materials.
Get Involved

Get involved with your community BEFORE disaster strikes.  Volunteer to support disaster efforts in your community, be part of your community’s planning process, join a preparedness project or support major disasters by donating cash or goods to help meet the needs of your community in times of disaster.  Many organizations can help you get involved in other areas as well.  Visit FEMA’s website to find out more information at: http://www.ready.gov/get-involved

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