Sample Model Safety Programs 

The safety materials provided are sample documents and may not be suitable for your company's specific application.  These materials may be suitable for adaptation and modification to fit your company’s specific operations. The core program can be combined with appropriate rules and other  materials to establish a basic written  program. However, these materials  are not provided to satisfy any government codes, ordinances or regulations and are provided solely for informational purposes.  Use of these materials are at your sole risk.

Core Construction Program
Electric Work Rules
Excavation Work Rules
Landscape Rules
Lawn Garden Rules
Plastering Drywall Rules
Plumbing HVAC Rules
Roofing Sheet Metal Rules  

OSHA Programs:
Bloodborne Pathogen – Hazard Communication
Confined Space Entry
Forklift Training Outline
Power Lockout Procedure
Simple Lockout Procedure
Workplace Violence program
Written Hazard Communication Program  

Fleet Safety:
Fleet Safety Program – Full
Fleet Safety Program – Short  

Drug testing:
Sample Substance Abuse Policy 


General Industry

Core General Industry Program
Apartment Building Operation Rules
Auto Body & Upholstery Repair Rules
Auto Dealers Rules
Automotive Core Program
Auto Parts Store rules 
Auto Repair Shop Rules
Beverage Distributor Rules
Brick Stone Rules
Car Wash Rules
Commercial Bank Rules
Construction material Dealer Rules
Cold Rolled Steel Rules
Commercial Printing Rules
Concrete Block Brick Rules
Eating Place Rules
Fabricated Metal rules
Furniture Store Rules
Grocery Store Rules
Lumber & Building Material Rules
Metal Stamping Rules
Non-Residential Building Rules
Public Golf Course Rules
Retail/Service Core Program
Retail Store Rules
Roofing Siding Insulation Dealer Rules
Wood Product Rules

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