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What you can do online
Whether you need to find your agent’s contact information, pay your bill or submit a claim, we are here to help you do this quickly and easily. Our frequently asked questions list is to the right.

Your policy
We recognize that your needs are always changing. Whether you need to update your address, add a new vehicle or request new ID cards, see our Frequently Asked Questions to see how you can get the information you need for your policy.

State Auto is committed to making the "My Policy" page a great resource for specific information about your State Auto policies. Look for additional features coming to in the near future. We'd like to hear your suggestions, too. Please share them with us.


If you're a State Auto policyholder, please enter a policy number to enhance your visit to We'll display the name and telephone number of your local independent State Auto agent on pages throughout our site. Your agent is available to answer questions about your State Auto policies and coverages.

Please enter up to three (3) letters followed by seven (7) digits for your policy number with no spaces. For example, AOH1234567. Your policy number can be found on your State Auto Insurance policy or billing statements.

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