What’s an Affinity program?

Whether you've been open for 30 years or three days, have 15 locations or one, every eligible business member is welcomed and could benefit from an affinity relationship.

What's an Affinity Program you ask?
Affinity Programs are developed for savvy individuals and businesses with similar operations where there has been a proven track record of profitability and success within the group. This doesn't always have to be in the form of an association, but will be something that binds the specific group together. Members of associations join because they see the value of being part of the group that shares and represents the interests of their industry or group.

Let's look at an example of an Affinity Program.
Say you have a group of like-minded members in a certain class, a group of restaurants for instance, that are operated similarly and share a lot of the same specific needs. However, we know that not all restaurants are created equal or operate their business the same. Regardless, they all share some core needs and exposures such as, who they use as vendors, meeting health code requirements, managing employees, etc.

Here are some potential benefits of being a member of an affinity group/association:

  • Advocacy and government relations services, protecting the interests of the industry on a state and national level and providing updates to members.
  • Educational funding in the form of scholarships, guidance and awareness of culinary programs for individuals of all ages.
  • Unique marketing materials published by the association to promote member businesses.
  • Relationships with vendors such as health insurance, business insurance and payment services.
  • Attending annual or semi-annual conventions where members are invited to take part in meetings that impact their industry, discuss the latest industry news and allow members to be more familiar with vendor offerings.
  • Receive competitive stable pricing with the potential to receive dividends annually based on performance of the group.
  • Have a sponsored insurance provider who can add quality insurance for liability, property and industry specific needs.
  • Obtain support and engagement by members.

Individuals and business owners who choose to become members of an Affinity Program see the value.
They're often more willing to be proactive in management and seek counsel from insurance professionals. This in turn can help lead to a better performing book of business.

Contact your association to see if they offer anything mentioned above to their members. Then contact your agent and see if they know an insurance company that provides these benefits to association members.


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