Ag Smart 360

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Ag Smart 360

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to protect your family, employees, and vehicles - and at the same time potentially earn discounts on your insurance premium?
Now you can with State Auto Ag Smart 360



Telematics-Based Insurance for Farm Auto

Get rewarded for safe driving habits on and off the farm. The usage based program allows you to monitor and improve your driving behavior to earn a potential discount. Get an instant 10% initial participation discount just for enrolling! 

Ag Smart 360 uses an App + Tag telematics solution. The smart Tag is a small wireless device that stays in place on the inside windshield in any vehicle. The information is transferred via Bluetooth® Low Energy to a smartphone App, DriveWell Fleet. The Tag communicates with the App to collect data such as speeding, hard braking, acceleration, phone distraction, miles traveled, and how sharp a turn is made. Now you can impact what you pay for your insurance premium!


What's telematics?

The gathering of vehicle information and data via communication tools such as wireless devices and smartphones. The data captured is unique to you! This means your safe driving behavior can impact your premium costs.


Discounts and no additional fees

  • Get a 10% initial participation discount for enrolling in Ag Smart 360.
  • Earn a potential discount at renewal if your score reflects safe driving habits.*
  • Discounts can be earned on farm vehicles based on limited mileage. 
  • No additional fees! Our program also includes the telematics devices and fleet management portal that you might pay for elsewhere. No activation fee, no monthly fee and no charge for the devices beyond your insurance premium.

Smartphone App

  • Self-monitor your score*
  • View your recent trips - get timely feedback on your trip!
  • View driving events such as hard braking, speeding, and phone distraction

* Data collected through the DriveWell Fleet App will be used to determine policy discount eligibility. However, the final score displayed in the DriveWell Fleet App will not be the score used for policy discount eligibility.  Please refer to the State Auto Ag Smart 360 Telematics Services Agreement for additional information.


Fleet Management Portal

  • Work with your drivers to improve their driving behaviors
  • No additional cost to you! Other fleet management tools could cost you $100s or even $1000s. 
  • Improve operational efficiencies
    • Driver scores and behavior trends
    • Driver routes
    • Vehicle use
    • Vehicle location
  • Manage drivers by monitoring 
    • Hard braking
    • Speed
    • Acceleration
    • Phone distraction

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Contact State Auto's Customer Service team Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET at 833-SAHelps (833-724-3577).
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Talk to your agent for details on enrolling in Ag Smart 360. Need to find an agent? Click here.