Farmers, are you seeing high yields from your insurance company?

As a farmer or rancher, you work hard and earn every penny. So, if your insurance agent told you, "I can offer you the opportunity to put money back in your pocket - a return on your insurance premium," what would your reaction be?

You'd probably think 'too good to be true,' right? Well, it's actually not. Truth is, the association that you may already belong to could offer that and more, through unique safety group plans called either Affinity Programs or Dividend Programs. 

Insurance companies may provide incentives to their agents and insureds through these association programs. Essentially the program rewards farmers for the entire group's financial success. That could result in money coming back to you! There are countless associations that group together individuals with common interests, including those with an agricultural interest. From cattlemen's associations to soybean or corn associations to equine associations, there's a group out there for nearly every farmer or rancher.

What you must know about Affinity Programs

Some of these programs:

  • Require you to be a policyholder for at least one year prior to being eligible for dividends.
  • Will prorate dividend returns for new policyholders based on the effective date during the program year.
  • Will look at financial success in the group program from a one-year period up to a three-year period.
  • May offer much higher returns especially for year-after-year financial success.
  • Some may offer dividends up to only five percent, others up to seven percent or even 12 percent or more. Always pay attention to the incentive specifics.
  • Can't always guarantee dividends and often must be authorized by the insurance company's Board of Directors.

It's time to start growing with your insurance company while putting some money back into your pockets!

Ask your association if they offer any of this to their insured members. Then ask your agent if they have access to an insurance company that provides these benefits to association members.


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