Why Should I Join my Association's Insurance Affinity Program?

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Joining your area's local or state business association has several valuable perks. One of the most important benefits is the opportunity to become a member of their Insurance Affinity Program, or Safety Group Plan. From potential partnerships and lobbying efforts to the prospect of taking advantage of valuable insurance discounts and dividend reimbursements, becoming a member of your local business association and their insurance group plans is truly the mark of a savvy businessperson.

Below are some key features that'll help you make the most of your partnership:

1. Association Networking
The opportunity to network with your peers is truly invaluable. By joining your local business association and their Insurance Affinity Program, you're aligning yourself with active groups within your community. Forging new partnerships can develop into new prospects, potentially benefiting everyone.

2. Financial Incentives

Did you know that many Insurance Affinity Groups offer some great rewards that could help your bottom line? Financial incentives for these unique programs can range from member discounts to profit sharing or dividend reimbursement!

3. An Opportunity to Share Your Ideas

By teaming up with your local association group, you've become a part of a larger organization that collaborates and aligns common goals for the benefit of all involved. You'll be on the ground floor of industry trends and you'll have the opportunity to make your mark in the community.

4. Aligning with the Best Partners

Partnering with a group that offers an Affinity Program generally means that you'll have access to unique products and services specifically designed to benefit your particular industry. Firms that promote these programs do so confidently, realizing that their products are tailored for your market.

5. Advocates in your Corner

Affinity partners are just that - partners for something collectively greater rather than going it alone. By joining your local association's Affinity Program, you're now connected to a group of businesses that are all working toward a common goal - and there's certainly strength in numbers.


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