Below are the helpful information on Login Problem on FIS System (related to Our legacy Policies starting with Alaphanumerics)
If you get this error: The login information entered is invalid. Please try again, it means that either the UserID entered is not correct, or the password you entered is incorrect. You can click on the "Forgot your UserID" link or the "Forgot Password" link to provide you with information that will help you to log in to our site.
If you have not previously enrolled in our Pay Now service, please click on the "sign up" link to enroll in this service, or, go back to the page and click on the "Click here to Pay Now (One Time Only)" link.
If you have a question related to your amount due, payment of your policy or account, or other billing questions, please contact our Customer Services Department at 1-833-SAHELPS (1-833-724-3577), or e-mail us at