Affinity Programs

You can provide exclusive benefits to the members of your association through State Auto.

Insurance protection tailored to your association


  • Your members need to have the right insurance program to protect their investments and run a successful business.

  • State Auto will work with you to provide the right insurance protection for your association's needs.


The potential to earn dividends

Here's how it works:

1. First, your members' premiums are recognized as a group.

2. Next, we calculate year-end results after payment of claims, program expenses and taxes.

3. If the result is a profit, a dividend will be issued to participating members of qualifying groups.

  • Note: Members who insure with State Auto for the first time during a program year are eligible for a full dividend, not a pro-rated amount.



State Auto partner associations




Talk to your agent to participate


  • Request a proposal from your State Auto agent.

  • Compare the quote to your current insurance coverage and pricing.

  • Insure with State Auto to receive the benefits of your association endorsed member program.