Employee Logon

Employee Logon


Access to this system is for State Auto authorized individuals only. By accessing this system and the network that is part of the system, you acknowledge that you are such an individual and that you will abide by all State Auto rules, regulations and policies. Access to the system and its network gives the user access to Company reports that contain confidential information that is not public and must be kept confidential. Our confidential information may not be used for anyone’s personal benefit, including trading in our Company’s stock. You may not trade in STFC shares unless our stock trading window is open.

You have no right or expectation of privacy in your use of the State Auto system or network, including but not limited to e-mail messages sent or received. State Auto is authorized to examine your use of its system and network (including your e-mails and their attachments) at any time, without your prior approval and without providing any notice to you.

If you have any questions about these or any other of the Company’s rules, regulations or policies, please contact Human Resources. Violators will be subject to discipline and potentially civil or criminal penalties.