Restaurant Industry

Food brings families and friends together. Whether you’re the charming local neighborhood restaurant, a fine dining establishment, or are part of a well-known franchise, we’ll help keep your doors open for business.

  • We understand the unique challenges of hospitality and food service.
  • Our risk engineers look at all aspects of the operation to help you manage risk.
  • If your restaurant is your livelihood, count on your local agent and State Auto to protect it.
  • The spoilage or contamination of food inventory
  • If your restaurant has to close down due to food-borne illness
  • Customers' lost or damaged coats
  • Employee theft
  • Liability related to serving alcohol
  • Equipment breakdown (think of all the expensive kitchen equipment)
  • Data breach 

Tips for Talking with Your Agent

  • Describe your operation including peak times and inventory.
  • Document your kitchen equipment and other property.
  • Discuss your training procedures and employee policies with your agent.