What is State Auto Safety 360?

State Auto Safety 360 is a telematics program available as part of our Personal Lines Auto product.

  • Typically, car insurance rates are based on demographics like age, driving record or where you live. State Auto Safety 360 uses a small leave-in device plugged into your car to gather data about how you drive, and then personalizes your insurance premium based on your actual driving behavior: speed, acceleration, time of day and braking.
  • You can check your driving score on a mobile app, and if needed, improve your habits to become a safer driver.
  • If you're driving score shows safer driving, you have the opportunity to get discounts on your auto insurance!
  • More than 70 percent of State Auto customers using telematics are receiving at least a 10 percent discount on their auto insurance. We give up to 50 percent!
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  • How do I get a device? After you enroll in the program, you'll receive an in-car device within 7-10 days. Plug it in under the driver's side dash, and leave it plugged in at all times.* 
  • Do I have to purchase the hardware? Is it mine to keep? We provide the device at no charge. The device is an integral part of the program and is the property of Octo® Telematics North America. It must be returned upon request or when your participation in the State Auto Safety 360 program ends. If you don't return the device, a $50 fee may be charged to defray the cost of a replacement device. 
  • How long do I participate in the program? Participation is voluntary. Once you enroll, you may continue to participate for as long as you'd like. Once you decide to leave the program, your discount may be removed or frozen at its current level, depending on the regulations in your state.
  • What type of discount do I get? All participating vehicles will receive up to a 10 percent participation discount as soon as they start sharing data as part of the program. When your policy renews, additional discounts up to 50 percent may be available depending on your driving habits and eligibility guidelines in your state.

  • *Unless the device needs to be removed for diagnostic testing, it must remain installed at all times.