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  • How to install the leave-device: With your vehicle turned off, locate your vehicle's OBDII port, which is normally under the dash in your car. Align the prongs on the device with your port and firmly install the device without twisting or forcing. Lights on the device will flash to let you know it was properly installed. If the lights don't appear, remove and reinstall the device. Once installed, wait one minute before taking your first trip.
  • Keep it installed: Unless your vehicle needs diagnostic service, the device must remain installed at all times. The device records the time it's removed from your vehicle and when it's reinstalled. Unplugging and reinstalling the device could jeopardize your program discount.

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  • Every device comes with instructions and pictures to help you install the device, but if you need additional assistance, call Customer Service at 833-SAHelps (833-724-3577) or email at
  • If the device malfunctions for any reason it will be replaced for free, with no shipping charges.
  • Leaving/opting out of the program: Since participation is voluntary, you can discontinue your participation in the program at any time. If you enroll in State Auto Safety 360, but later choose to opt out, your discount may be removed or frozen at its current level, depending on the regulations in your state.