Smart Home Discount

State Auto home insurance customers with smart home devices can save with an additional discount.

  • Have a connected home with one or all of these modern perks?
    • Smart camera
    • Smart smoke alarms
    • Smart lights
    • Automatic temperature detector
    • Water leakage/automatic shut off
    • Gas leakage detection/automatic shut off



  • Having a connected home gives you an extra sense of security when you're away. You can easily monitor your house continuously through smartphones and apps, helping you react quicker if something unexpected would happen.
  • Homeowners like you should be rewarded. Talk to your independent today to take advantage of this smart discount.


Tips for talking with your agent

  • Be sure to tell your insurance agent if you use Smart Home connected devices.
  • Discuss which types of connected home devices you're using.
  • Ask about other ways to reduce the risk of hazards in your home.