Powered industrial trucks vs pedestrians

If you're driving a vehicle, it's your responsibility to keep the safety of other drivers in mind at all times. When you're driving a vehicle at work, it's the same thing, except now it's the safety of other drivers and your coworkers. 

In busy and noisy work environments, coworkers and pedestrians might not always hear or see you. 

That's why it's incredibly important that you're doing everything you can do drive as safely as possible. Here are steps you can take to help you drive safely: 

  • Ensure that there's proper aisle clearance if a worker steps to the edge, so that you may drive past. 
  • Always travel at safe speeds that are appropriate to the work environment and the type of load you are transporting.
  • Drive slowly when you encounter slippery or wet surfaces. As with driving a vehicle, you should modify your speed according to the conditions. 
  • Drive slowly and blow your horn at locations, such as cross aisles, where vision may be obscured, to alert others to your presence. 
  • Steer the truck so that the load is behind you and not blocking your forward vision. 
  • Look for other workers while driving, and blow the horn to alert them that you are coming. 
  • Never attempt to sneak up on a worker and scare him or her. They could be startled and fall into your path. 
  • Turn and look to the rear of the vehicle prior to backing up. You may be surprised to discover how quickly someone or something can enter your path. 
  • Imagine that a blind corner or doorway has a "Stop" sign attached. Always stop at these locations. Not stopping can be as dangerous as failing to stop on a city street. 
  • NEVER, EVER attempt to do stunts with your powered industrial truck, and NEVER horseplay. 

Drive safely and don't rush

Everyone has the responsibility for safety when driving a vehicle. Be it at work or on the jobsite, if you consistently apply these safety procedures, you could be better able to avoid accidents and protect your coworkers. 


State Auto Insurance makes no representations or guarantee as to the correctness or sufficiency of any information contained herein, nor guarantees results based upon use of this information. State Auto does not warrant that reliance upon this document will prevent accident and losses or satisfy federal, state and local codes, ordinances and regulations. The reader assumes entire risk as to use of this information.

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