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If you have questions, we're here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

All participants can benefit in a number of ways. Most importantly, you'll have an objective evaluation of your driving habits and how safely you drive. You'll be able to see what areas you can work to improve and how your habits are changing over time by using our State Auto Safety 360 mobile app or website. Oh, and good driving habits could save you money at your next renewal.
Most vehicles manufactured after 1996 are eligible to participate in this State Auto program with a few exceptions such as electric or fuel cell vehicles. Other exceptions include some hybrid vehicles and some diesel-powered pickup models manufactured before 2006.
After you enroll in the program, you'll receive an in-car device within 7-10 days mailed to your home. The device stays installed at all times.
We provide the device at no charge. It must be returned upon request or when your participation in the State Auto Safety 360 program ends. If you don't return the device, a $50 fee will be charged.
With our Safety 360 program, you can create virtual boundaries called geofences. This means you’ll be able to set a radius and receive alerts when a driver goes outside of that radius (a great feature if you have teen drivers).
Participation is voluntary. Once you enroll, you may continue to participate for as long as you'd like. Once you decide to leave the program, your discount may be removed or frozen at its current level, depending on the regulations in your state.
After you tell your independent agent that you'd like to stop participating in the program, you'll get an email confirming your decision. A return self-addressed, postage-paid package will then be mailed to your home. Put the device in the envelope and drop it in a U.S. postal mailbox. You'll receive a separate package for each device that needs returned.
All participating vehicles will receive a 10% participation discount once the device is installed. When your policy renews, additional discounts, up to 50% may be available, depending on your driving habits and eligibility guidelines in your state.
No. Participation in the State Auto Safety 360 program is voluntary and is an opportunity for you to potentially earn discounts on your insurance policy based on your own driving habits.
Download the State Auto Safety 360 mobile app in the App Store or Google Play. You can also visit the online portal.
No. Unless your vehicle needs diagnostic service, the device needs to remain installed at all times.
Every device comes with instruction and pictures to help you install the device. If having issues locating your OBDII port, check out the portal locator for assistance. You can also give our Customer Service team a call at 833-SAHelps (833.724.3577).