Account Help

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Account Help

For Legacy Payments

See the image below for an example of where to find your Account Number.

Entry of your account prefix (the letter portion) can be done in either capital or lower case letters.

If you have an account that begins with the letters CB, CL or PL, please enter the account with no spaces between the letters and the numbers

If you have an account that begins with three letters (such as AAR5186978), please enter the three letters followed by the seven numbers with no spaces between the letters and numbers.

If you have a DF or other two letter account, please enter one space between the letter portion and the number portion.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question related to your amount due, payment of your policy or account, or other billing questions, please contact our Payment Services Department at 1-833-SAHELPS (1-833-724-3577), or e-mail us at Please include your bill account or policy number with your contact information.