• It's hard to predict when your business may face a major lawsuit.
  • Bad things can happen even if your business is successful and well managed.
  • And more people are suing companies today, especially if they feel they have been wronged.  
  • State Auto commercial liability insurance is there to protect your businesses from unexpected and catastrophic claims.


  • It's called an "umbrella" because it's an extra layer of protection above your main liability policies, such as commercial liability and business auto policies.
  • If your business is defending a lawsuit and the limits on these policies are used up, the commercial umbrella policy is designed to pick up where the others leave off. 


Tips for talking with your agent

  • Consider the impact to your business if a legal case is prolonged.
  • How much coverage might you need to pay for defense costs?
  • Make sure your agent is aware of all policies you have (it may be best to have all insurance for your business with one agent).