Business Auto

Driving is usually a given for any type of business. You might be delivering products, driving to service locations or managing a fleet of drivers and vehicles.

  • Your agent will talk through the details of how your business needs drivers and vehicles to operate.
  • How much do you drive? Which types of cars, trucks or other vehicles do you use? Do you own them or lease them?
  • The amount and type of insurance you need will depend on the answers to these questions.


  • You jump in your own car to run out for more office supplies. You use the company truck on a weekend to help a friend move. It doesn't seem like a big deal, until there's an accident.
  • Think carefully about possible scenarios where a personal car might be used for business or vice versa.
  • Your agent can help you make sure these and other important details are considered. 


Tips for talking with your agent

  • Be prepared to talk about everyone who drives for your business, both on a regular basis or "as needed".
  • Document the vehicles you use - the types of vehicles, whether you own or lease them, their condition, etc.
  • Let your agent help you brainstorm other possible ways driving might be involved in your business, in case there's something you haven't thought of.