• More employers than ever before are facing claims against them from people such as employees, job applicants and volunteers. This might include wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment claims.  
  • Even small businesses are at risk, and State Auto's employment practices liability insurance can help.
  • Even if a claim is false, you still could rack up huge legal fees for an attorney specializing in employment law. You'll be relieved to know you have insurance that pays for your legal defense.
  • And if the court sides with the person suing you, paying what the jury awards could put you out of business without proper insurance protection.  



Tips for talking with your agent

  • Document the relationships you have with employees, job applicants, volunteers, independent contractors, leased employees and third parties.
  • Consider whether you need additional coverage for suits brought by customers or vendors.
  • Be prepared to discuss risk management techniques to protect your business.