Metal Industry

We understand that you operate in a dangerous industry. It takes special knowledge of your needs to make sure your people and your business are protected.

  • If you're doing engraving, forging, die casting, stamping and other types of metal work, you need more than a typical business insurance policy.
  • We've thought of things like protecting precious metals and including increased limits of coverage in case your valuable patterns, dies and molds are stolen.


  • With metal manufacturing comes a higher risk that your employees may be injured and need time for recovery.
  • We're aggressive about workers' compensation - making sure your employees have everything they need to get back to work quickly.
  • We use a patented program called ID15® to stay on top of cases that need specialized intervention to get the best result. 


Tips for talking with your agent

  • Share the specifics of your work so we can match you with our risk management experts
  • Gather information on your existing safety and hazard control measures
  • Bring up any problems you've faced helping injured workers recover and get back to work