Food Industry

Things are just different when your business involves the food people eat. Your insurance should be different, too.

  • We've tailored our products to handle unique risks for operations that involve processing, manufacturing and distribution in the food industry.
  • Things like coverage for spoilage, the expense of a product recall or machinery failures are must-haves for a business dealing with food.


  • It's a team approach to improving your ability to manage risk in your business - State Auto, your agent and you.
  • We'll review your contingency plan and your key processes to help find areas for improvement. 
  • We'll also help with your hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) plan.


Tips for talking with your agent

  • Ask your agent if your food industry business is the right fit for the State Auto program
  • Take stock of your existing safety and loss control programs
  • Be prepared to share the ins and outs of your business