Preparing for hurricanes and tropical storms

Protect your home or business before the storm hits.

Did you know on average, there are 12 tropical storms each year? Six will become hurricanes that form over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico from June 1 - November 30. In the Pacific Ocean, there's an average of three tropical storms each year, two becoming hurricanes between May 15 - November 30 every year. 

Each of these storms bring about the usual hurricane hazards, including:

• Storm surges
• Flooding
• Winds
• Tornadoes
• Dangerous waves

Make sure that you're not only prepping your home, but also your business

Our technical guide will teach you how to do both. These instructions will show you how to get everything ready including:

• Listening to weather advisories
• Continuity planning
• Emergency planning for employees
• Stocking emergency supplies
• Deciding on whether to leave or stay
• Creating an evacuation plan or shelter-in-place plan, and more.

Protect your investment, review with your employees

Take the time to review your emergency plan with employees before storm season hits. If you have questions, contact our Risk Engineering team at

Download our Hurricane and Tropical Storms Technical Guide here.