Think you deserve a bigger break on car insurance? We do, too.

Welcome to State Auto Safety 360.


Right now your auto insurance rate is probably determined by a variety of things:

1. Are you single or married?

2. How old are you?

3. Where do you live and work?

4. Do you have a college degree?

But the way we rate drivers is changing.

And guess what? You’re the one in control.

Your insurance premium can now be based on your actual driving habits

1. Speed

2. Hard acceleration and braking

3. Time of day

4. Cornering

Did someone say discounts? Why yes, we did.

Safer driver may earn you discounts up to 50 percent. That’s right – 50 percent. You may even get up to a 10 percent participation discount when you first sign up.

Safety AND savings. It all comes back to you.

Now that’s how auto insurance is done.

Find out how it all works.