Auto Insurance Discounts

We think saving money should be easy. We’re guessing you do, too. Here are some simple ways to save big on your auto insurance.

Important note: These discounts could save you money, but safe driving habits could save your life. Please drive undistracted. Keep yourself informed about the dangers of distracted driving at


State Auto Safety 360sm

Get rewarded for safer driving behavior through our telematics program, State Auto Safety 360. Plug a small device into your car, earn good driving scores, and you may just save big — up to 50%!



If you insure your vehicle with us, you can get a discount by also having a Home, Dwelling Fire* or Umbrella** policy.


Accident Prevention Course

If you’re at least 21 years old, have a driver’s license and certificate of attendance for an Accident Prevention Course in the last 36 months, this one’s for you.


State Auto Start Up

Have your agent provide a quote on your vehicle at least eight days before you actually need the policy to go into effect. Takes into account your prior carrier and length of time with them.


Driver Training

Education = safer driving. If you’re under the age of 21 and driving, we’ll give you a discount for attending a driving education course.


Anti-Theft Device

We’ll reward you for the extra security on your vehicle.


Good Student

School’s expensive, so we’ll help you save on your insurance if you are a full-time student and maintain a B (3.0) average.



Having two or more vehicles on the same policy may get you a discount.Eve includes motor homes as well as registered golf carts and off-road vehicles.


Paid in Full

Pay your entire policy up front — and pay less.


*Dwelling Fire Insurance: Available for rental properties.


**Umbrella: Adds an extra layer of protection over your Auto and Home insurance.


Are you a State Auto employee, immediate family member or retiree? If so, you can also qualify for a discount.