Do you know these 6 common signs of a faulty car battery?

Your car battery might be begging for your attention.

Whether you're going to work, a sporting event, or headed on a road trip, car troubles can quickly change your mood for an entire day. Unfortunately, there are numerous issues that can impact the wellness of your car. But, one of the most common causes of breakdown is a faulty battery. The fact is, your battery is often begging for your attention when it needs it. 

1. Listen to your car, literally. A slow engine crank could be a sign of a battery going bad. If your vehicle takes longer to start than usual, or appears to start slow and sluggish it may be in need of attention.

2. Electrolyte levels may vary. Electrolytes can be lost through evaporation during hot weather or heating of your battery.

3. Similar to oil in your car, you can also tell when the car has a low battery fluid level. A section of the battery case is translucent so that you can tell when the fluid is below the lead plates. If the fluid is below these plates, then it's time to have your battery tested.

4. Physical damage could be another cause of a faulty battery. Look out for cracks, swelling, or loose posts.

5. A leaking battery is also something to keep an eye out for. A leaking battery can cause corrosion and your car may not start due to the buildup on the posts. The buildup can usually be removed with a mixture of baking soda and water.

6. Like almost anything else, old age can impact the life and efficiency of your battery. When your car battery reaches the three-year marker, then it needs to be checked yearly to avoid any unsuspected issues.

These six signs are important to look out for to prevent any unpleasant surprises and will allow you to keep your car on the road and ready to go for your next adventure!