Leaving home for vacation

You’re focused on what your family will do while you’re on vacation. But how should you prepare your home to be, well, home alone?

You'll enjoy your vacation even more with the peace of mind that things are settled at home while you're away. From your home security to your mail, here are some tips to help you get ready to be out of town. 


  • Before leaving for your trip, get a stop order on your mail at www.usps.com. Or, arrange to have a trusted friend or neighbor collect your mail for you.
  • Having a spare key hidden outside your home can be quite helpful to potential thieves. Before you leave for vacation, remove your spare key from wherever you have it hidden - under the doormat or a rock in your landscaping, perhaps. Consider not putting it back when you return - this can threaten your home's security at any time. 
  • Unplug any unnecessary outlets before you leave. This will protect your electronics and appliances in the event of an unexpected power surge, and possibly even prevent a fire.
  • Leave your heat at a temperature that will prevent freezing, especially if you're leaving your home during the winter. Frozen pipes can cause major problems you won't want to come home to find. 
  • Leave your curtains as they normally are - and the same with your outside lights. This way, it won't be so obvious that you're out of town. 
  • Don't announce your vacation on social media until you've already returned home, so the wrong people don't find out your home is empty. 

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