What marriage means for your insurance

Getting married takes two people in love and a lot of planning. Add your insurance policies to the list of updates to make.

Insurance is often not on the list of things to consider when people get married. There's a lot to do when you're planning a wedding, and you're excited to officially join forces as a couple.  As the big day approaches, it can be easy to forget that you're not just planning a wedding, you're planning a life together. And making sure you have the right insurance protection in place is vital to your future.

When it comes to insurance, here are some things to consider when you're getting married:

  • Which person has the best insurance coverage? Assuming you both had an auto policy and either a home or renters policy already; you can compare both and decide where to place your combined insurance policies. Your independent agent can help you do this (one less thing to worry about).
  • How is your sweetheart's driving record? Credit score? These are important conversations to have as you plan your financial future. You may have a perfect record, but if your future spouse has multiple accidents, you may be affected by his or her record now, too. 
  • Many couples getting married have already purchased a home together.   

You'll enjoy your vacation even more with the peace of mind that things are settled at home while...