Insuring your farm recreational vehicles

You know you need to insure your farm vehicles; what about recreational vehicles?

Everyone knows you have to insure your cars, trucks and other farm equipment. But what about all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and those vehicles you use for fun?

Coverage for ATVs

  • Physical damage coverage is important, just as for any other piece of farm equipment.
  • You can select physical damage deductibles with State Auto's Farm and Ranch Policy for as low as $100 in most states.
  • To cover possible injury, purchase liability coverage
  • Our policy covers your liability when vehicle is on your locations.
  • Off-premises liability coverage is also available.

ATVs are popular off-site vehicles

  • If you hunt or go to help a neighbor, you need off-premises coverage.
  • Even driving down the road to another of your farm locations in your ATV requires off-premises coverage.

Don't take any chances; ask your agent about off-premises liability coverage on your ATVs.


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