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State Auto Safety 360 is our personal auto telematics program that helps you pay less for auto insurance based on your driving behaviors.


By using the State Auto Safety 360 Mobile smartphone app — in tandem with a Tag — State Auto gathers data about your car and how you drive.


From this data, we can provide a personalized insurance premium based on your driving behavior, as well as discounts of up to 50% at the time of policy renewal.


To maintain your discount, you must continuously use the App + Tag..

Talk to your independent State Auto Agent about getting one or all of your vehicles enrolled in State Auto Safety 360. Your device will be mailed to you in 7-10 days after enrollment.

Our program is continuous and calls for the App + Tag device to remain in the vehicle for the life of the policy or as long as you are participating in the program. A driving score is based on a rolling 100 days of data, so you have an opportunity to continue to improve over time.

All private passenger vehicles are eligible to participate in State Auto Safety 360.

The State Auto Safety 360 Mobile app works with IOS and Android devices. The in order for the Tag to function correctly, the following must occur:


IOS: Location services - must select “Always Allow” in order for your trips to get recorded, background app refresh on, Wi-Fi on, Bluetooth on, Power Save Mode off and must have more than 10% battery life.


Android: Google’s location services - must select “Allow all the time” in order for your trips to get recorded, allow to access physical activity, p-to-date version of Google Play services, Wi-Fi on, Google Maps enabled, Bluetooth on, Power Save Mode off, must have more than 10% battery life and GPS location on.

You can simply remove and discard the tag and delete the app. Let your independent agent know as well that you'd like to leave the program. Your discounts will then be removed from your auto policy.

Our State Auto Safety 360 auto telematics program features Quick Care, an added benefit at no additional charge.


If you're in an accident and it registers on the activated telematics device, it'll notify our State Auto Claims and Risk Engineering (CARE) team so we can reach out and help you with towing and start your claim if you choose, saving you time and stress (us simply calling you won't automatically start your claim — you must request this). Accident notifications won't transmit to our CARE team unless registered by the device. This can be caused by: a low GPS signal, a minor impact, or your vehicle was side swiped.

The State Auto Safety 360 Mobile app will measure driving quality based on: miles driven, acceleration, braking, cornering, speed and other driving behaviors. Those factors combined compile your driving score.


Shortly after the end of a trip, you can access a map of your route along with a rating of your driving in certain areas (speed, acceleration , etc). Your overall driving score is updated daily.

Telematics customers may contact our Customer Service Department at 833-SAHelps (833.724.3577) 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday ET or anytime at

You can move the Tag device to a new vehicle. You may need to replace the adhesive tape to ensure it stays securely in place (we don't provide extra adhesive).

It follows the vehicle, however, with the App + Tag program, you have to opportunity to see scores by driver OR vehicle.

You'll receive several reminder emails and/or SMS texts reminding you to activate your Tag within 30 days of enrollment. If activation isn't complete within the 30 days, the participation discount will be removed.

Your discount percentage may go up, down or be removed when the policy renews based on your driving behavior (which gives you a driver's score). In some states, you could incur a surcharge if the results indicate poor driving.

Discounts are available only for the vehicles enrolled in the program. The discount amount could vary between vehicles in a household based on the driving data we receive for each respective vehicle.

The participation discount applies to the first policy term you're enrolled in the program. Then for each renewal, you receive a discount based on the score each vehicle was driven in the prior term.

The calculated discount is based on a large number of factors collected from a 100-day window of collected driving information. The discount can increase or decrease based on the driving information collected. A surcharge may be incurred for poor driving based on your state.

Yes. State Auto contracts with telematics and analytics companies to provide the State Auto Safety 360 program. The device has a built-in wireless modem, which automatically encrypts and transfers the data over a closed cellular network to our partner's secure database. State Auto does not sell this data to any third parties and the third parties involved are just for data collection and scoring.

Each driver, State Auto and our third party vendor, have access to your driving data and not anyone else's. If others are enrolled on your policy, you'll only be able to view his/her score.

Enrolling in State Safety 360 gives you and your teen driver an objective evaluation of your driving habits and how safely you drive.

Focus on Safe driving. Studies show the most effective way to improve your driving habits is to be aware of how you drive.

Yes. The amount of driving you do is a very important factor in assessing your driving habits but there's a difference between many miles on the highway vs. in the city.

State Auto Safety 360 classifies distracted driving when the car is moving at least 9 mph (not stopped) and there is phone movement (such as tapping on the screen) and the screen is unlocked and on. Distracted driving events do not affect your driving score.

Yes. GPS provides information on vehicle location and we use that data to determine speed, miles driven and road type.

When we ship you the devices, it doesn't matter which vehicle you put the device in. Part of the activation process includes YOU assigning each Tag to a vehicle enrolled from your policy.

Yes, it automatically adjusts when you travel in different time zones.

Unless switching to a new vehicle enrolled on your auto policy, the device should remain installed at all times.

If you see flickering lights on the device, this means it's properly working.

Yes. The device actively records data as you drive, even if your car enters an area where there's no GPS or cellular signal. Driving data is then transmitted when the signal returns.

We'll retain aggregated data to support our ongoing analytics and modeling development needs. Individual data will be retained as required or permitted by law.

The Tag will still collect data around acceleration, braking and hard cornering. It will transmit that when it reconnects with the phone, but it will be unable to use GPS and other data which requires the phone to be present.

With our State Auto Safety 360 program, we’ll be able to verify accident components like speed, braking, position of the vehicle at impact, time of day and possibly even the weather. If you're in an accident and it registers on your State Auto Safety 360 device, it will notify our State Auto Claims and Risk Engineering (CARE) team. We can then help you with towing and start your claim if you choose, saving you time and stress. State Auto will only start a claim if you want us to. We'll never force you to file a claim.

Yes. Just like your smartphone, “black box” data is currently discoverable. Once telematics data is collected, it could potentially be used by parties to a loss.

No! The device captures driving data only.

Only you can see your trip maps and details. Other drivers on the policy can see the total vehicle scores, but not individual trip details.

Contact your independent agent for more information, or contact our Customer Service Department at 833-SAHelps (833.724.3577) 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday - Friday ET or anytime at


Contact us by phone. Representatives are ready to help Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST
at 833-SAHelps (833-724-3577)833-SAHelps (833-724-3577).

1 State Auto Safety 360® is available for Personal Lines auto policies written on our Connect platform. Availability and discounts vary by state.
2 A 10% participation discount is applied once enrolled and you remain an active user.
Accident notifications won't transmit to our CARE team unless registered by the device. This can be caused by: a low GPS signal, a minor impact, or your vehicle was side swiped. A claim will not be started unless you choose to start one. Us simply calling you will not start your claim. You will only be contacted directly by a CARE team member during operating business hours, 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST., 7/week.
4 When an associated mobile device is present.