What are the benefits of State Auto Safety 360?

Our State Auto Safety 360 telematics program allows you to potentially earn discounts through safer driving habits, giving you more control of your personal auto insurance premiums.


It's probably safe to assume that most drivers would like their auto insurance premiums to better reflect their safe driving habits. We think so, too.

State Auto Safety 360® telematics does just that. Our usage-based insurance program for personal auto gives drivers the benefits of being more in control of their insurance rates and potential discounts, simply by continuing the safe driving habits they've always practiced.

It may help you reduce what you pay for insurance
Safety 360 collects your driving habits and applies discounts if your driving scores reflect safer driving habits. Customers automatically get a 10 percent* participation discount on your premium when they enroll, and up to a 50 percent discount - among the highest in the industry - at renewal if your driving scores reflect safer habits.

It's easy
Customers receive a small leave-in device that's easy to install and plug into their cars. The device creates a score based on speed, time of day, number of miles driven, acceleration, braking and other factors. This score is then used to calculate your discount, if applicable.

Safety 360 is a leave-in device program that gives you access to a real time portal with driving feedback. You can review and improve your driving habits and score before each renewal so you can work toward earning discounts year-round. 

We don't just take a snapshot of 90 days and collect that data and set your rates. We believe everyone deserves time to improve. 

It's easy to enroll
Customers can contact their local independent insurance agent to add State Auto Safety 360 telematics to your State Auto personal auto policy. Then, once you receive the device in the mail, plug it in and focus on driving safely and undistracted.

*Availability and discounts vary by state. Unless the device needs to be removed for diagnostic testing, it must remain installed at all times.
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