Cyber Coverage

48% of cyber attacks target small businesses • Cyber crime damages are expected to reach $6 TRILLION by 2021 • It's estimated that 1 in 131 emails contains malware • It takes businesses an average of 197 days to detect a breach

  • Cyber Attack coverage is defined as:
    - An unauthorized person gaining access to the Insured's computer system
    - A virus or other malware attack
    - A denial of service attack
  • Cyber Attack coverage is a 1st party coverage, which means it protects your business and it includes:
    - Data restoration
    - System restoration
    - Data recreation
    - Loss of income
    - Public relations
    - Cyber extortion
  • Cyber Liability Coverage is a 3rd party coverage, which means it protects your business in the event of a lawsuit brought on by someones else resulting from damages due to security weaknesses in the business' computer system.Those damages can be:
    - A breech of 3rd party business data
    - An unintended distribution of malware
    - A denial of service attack in which the insured unintentionally participated
  • Our CyberSecure coverage provides protection for both cyber attack and cyber liability.Interested in adding our CyberSecure coverage to your policy? Contact you State Auto agent today!
  • Looking for more information? Check out the Cyber Risk Insurance webpage from our partners at Munich RE & Hartford Steam Boiler and this Cyber Attack Infographic.


Tips for talking with your agent:

  • Have a list of where your data is stored, such as your business's finances, customer payment transactions, what information do you keep or access on mobile devices or tablets and employee data.
  • Ask about federal and state regulations and your responsibility.
  • Discuss steps you've already taken to protect your and your customer's data to determine if there are gaps or additional resources available.