Identity Theft

We're all targets. If you're hit, State Auto can help with an Identity Fraud Expense coverage that may be included – or can be added – to your State Auto home insurance policy.

  • If you become a victim of identity theft, a fraud specialist will work with you to restore your identity.
  • The fraud specialist will assist with your credit reports, credit bureaus, bill collectors, government agencies and law enforcement.
  • They can also help rebuild your identity after a disaster such as a flood, hurricane or tornado.
  • Even if you're not a victim, fraud specialists are available to answer questions.
  • They're a great resource during major life events that can expose to identity thieves, such as break-ins, marriage or divorce, active military duty or moving to a new home.
  • State Auto's Identity Fraud Expense coverage can help pay for some of the expenses that result from identity fraud.
  • You'll have help with expenses like attorney fees, costs to notarize fraud affidavits and send certified mail, and lost income for time off work as you put your life back together.
  • Coverage and options may vary by state

Tips for talking with your agent

  • Ask if Identity Fraud Expense coverage is included or can be added to your specific policy.
  • Discuss what steps you could take to better protect your identity.
  • Try the ID RiskCompass tool