Home Insurance Discounts

We've got a lot of ways you can save on your homeowners insurance.

Advanced Quote

Have your agent provide a quote on your house or condo at least eight days before you actually need the policy to go into effect.

Smart Home

Is your home modernized with new technology, like smart smoke alarms, automatic temperature detection, smart lights? Make sure to let your agent know. More about the Smart Home insurance discount

Fortified Home

If your house or rental properties were built to protect against severe weather like hurricanes, high wind and, hail, and meets official FORTIFIED Home™ program standards, you may qualify for this unique discount. More about the FORTIFIED home insurance discount


Have you been a State Auto policyholder for at least five years? We’ll reward you.


Whether you rent or own, if you insure your home with us, you can get a discount by also having an Auto, Dwelling Fire* or Umbrella** policy.

New Construction

The year your home was built may benefit you.

Prior Carrier

Rewards you for having insurance with another company for at least three consecutive years.

Protective Devices

Specific qualifying devices in your home, apartment, condo or rental units can also help you save. Burglar alarms, central fire alarms and more.

Roof Construction

Based on the age of your roof and materials like tile, concrete, metal or slate.

*Dwelling Fire Insurance: Available for rental properties.

**Umbrella: Adds an extra layer of protection over your Auto and Home insurance.

Are you a State Auto employee, immediate family member or retiree? If so, you could also qualify for a discount.