Full Safety Glass

Hail, airborne rocks, falling tree limbs and flying squirrels all seem to have the same bullseye – your vehicle.

  • If you never drive through construction zones or bad storms, you don't need this coverage (so basically, everyone needs this).
  • Don't rely on luck - smart insurance customers like you just need Full Safety Glass coverage.


  • We're talking about the glass on your car - like the windshield and windows. And, this includes safety glass (your headlights).
  • When damage to this glass is not caused by a collision, you'll qualify for this great benefit.
  • There's no deductible!
  • Available for new auto policies only. Availability may vary by state. Coverage not included in our Standard Auto product.


Tips for talking with your agent

  • Ask about our Protection Plus and Premier Auto offerings - this benefit is automatically included.
  • Talk to your agent about Other than Collision coverage - you must have this coverage on your policy to get the benefit of Full Safety Glass coverage.