• Standard - Get the basics with some key optional coverages, like ID Theft protection and Replacement Cost for Personal Property.
  • Protection Plus - A step up from the basics with additional and expanded key coverages. You also have the option to add our HomeXtended® Coverages Endorsement.
  • Premier - When you need the best. Expanded coverages with higher limits, including special items like silverware and jewelry. Our HomeXtended® Endorsement is automatically included.
  • Standard, Protection Plus or Premier choices also available for renters and condo owners.
  • HomeXtended® Coverages Endorsement provides a single bundle of extra coverage for things like your cell phone, computer records, GPS, ID Fraud and more.
  • Smart Home and Fortified Home discounts may save you money. You can also bundle your policies and save more with our Multi-Policy discount (for homeowners, condo owners, renters and umbrella policies). 

Tips for talking with your agent

  • Create a home inventory of your belongings.
  • Share your plans for the future with your agent.
  • Discuss other activities, like volunteering, or possessions, like a boat or RV.